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For Hoof Care Products, see this section in Farriery Tools
Spikes are mainly used in winter to avoid sliding on slippery grounds, but they can also be used to reduce wear and tear. The EquiFlex® horseshoe is provided with an extra hole for spikes. By using a special tool (Auxilliary tool for fixing spikes), the spikes can be driven into the shoe. Before fixing the spikes in the shoe, drill a hole in the bottom of the spike hole to make sure that air can escape.

$1.25 ea.
Hoof grip pads
The EquiFlex® hoof grip developed by CERA avoids snow being packed under the hoof. Our hoof grip is suitable for all sizes, except NBS size S. It can be trimmed to all shoe sizes and is nailed to the hoof together with the shoe. Bear in mind that conventional hoof grips are not compatible with EquiFlex® horseshoes as they are too small for the long nail holes.

$12.50 pair
Studded Shoes
Sizes 03, 04, 05 allow the application of studs.
These sizes are available with a 3/8'' thread size.

$29.50 pair
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We developed special screws which are necessary for the application of the bridge system. These screws are provided with all shoe orders. However, if you like additional screws, they can be purchased here at a cost of 3 cents for each.