PolySteel allows natural flexion of the hoof capsule and supports your horse’s natural movement.

EquiFlex is manufactured with a material called PolySteel. This unique material has proven to last as long, if not longer than traditional shoes.
This is invaluable for those looking to get more value out of their footwear, and those who are fiscally aware in today's climate (though this may mean anything from a weekly budget to an account at Intratrader. will find the benefit of this added advantage of EquiFlex.

Stays on better
than traditional shoes. PATENTED recessed nail slots allow the nail heads to be recessed in the shoe, preventing nails from loosening and wearing down the nail heads. Also, the rear of the shoe can flex, so overreaching doesn’t pull the shoe.

Recent scientific research in Europe has verified that EquiFlex reduces concussion to the lower leg by greater than 65%.

Read research paper by University of Utrecht, Netherlands, 2005 on advantages of polyurethance horseshoes

Light Weight
At only 3.5–4 oz.., EquiFlex shoes will make your horse feel and move as if barefooted.

Broad Support
Our broad web shoe offers superior support to the hoof.

Easy to Apply
Traditional design makes application simple for farriers,and the PATENTED double bridge system allows for easy sizing. No need for shaping a shoe on the anvil. Time saved!.

The dimple design allows the shoe to immediately pack with dirt for the best traction your horse can have—dirt on dirt.