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Adapter for clincher

It is important to take care that the nails do not get loose when riveting. Therefore we offer a special clincher holding the nails in position and being suitable for all common tools.



Auxiliary tool for fixing the spikes

To prevent the Widia pin in the spike from sinking, it is recommended to use this special tool developed by CERA.


Nail Punch/Setting Tool I

Our simple nail punch tool allows precise setting of the nail into the EquiFlex nail slots. Though a simple clinch cutter or standard punch can be used, our tool insures proper depth and is used by farriers who use EquiFlex on a regular basis.



Nail Punch/Setting Tool II

This special nail-setting tool helps save your knuckles from hammer strikes. The extended plastic handle is easy to grip and handle.


Merlin Electric Hoof Trimmer

Cuts the work out of trimming ó you can trim more often with less effort. Eliminates the manual strain of pulling a knife through the hoof. Removes the hoofwall, sole and fare with precision control. Use Merlin every 6 weeks for optimal health.

Read more about it here (PDF file)


Diamond File

The best tool to sharpen your Merlin Electric Hoof Trimmer, and other tools such as chainsaws. Handle folds around blade to 5".


Equiflex USA recommends filling the bottom of the Equiflex shoe,
after it is attached to hoof, with Equi-Pak CS or Equi-Pak.
Special Offer extended through 2012:
Order any 6 of the 180cc Vettec products, and receive a Dispensing Gun for FREE. A $55.00 value!
Order 6 of any one kind of  the 180cc Vettec products and receive one FREE. 

Equi-Pak – Intant Shock Absorbent Hoof Packing

Prevent sore feet or comfort a sore-footed horse.

  • Dispensed directly onto the sole and frog, Equi-Pak is a liquid urethane that sets in 25 seconds.
  • Can be used with or without  a pad.
  • Provides support and protection for thin soled, flat footed horses, absorbs the shock, and pounding.
  • Can be filled to ground level for added support in less than one minute.
  • No hand mixing. No waste.
  • Will not breakdown, impervious to debris and moisture.
  • Sole and frog left in great condition.

180cc Cartridge – $29.50

Sole-Guard – Sole Protection and Support

Fast, effective protection and support for the unshod foot.
  • Temporary protection for horses transitioning from shoes to barefoot.
  • Fast and convenient - 30 second set time.
  • Provides durable support while retaining flexibility indefinitely.
  • Excellent for use during trail riding to provide protection, comfort and support.
  • Great for providing support for heavy, late term brood mares.
  • Bonds to the foot for up to three weeks.
BLACK, 180cc Cartridge – $32.00

Instructional Video CD, for Equi-Build & Equi-Pak, only $0.01

Equi-Pak CS – Soft Instant Pad Material for Thrush

We have thrush covered!

  • Infused with copper sulfate effectively treat most cases of thrush.
  • Can be used as a preventative measure during wet seasons
  • Eliminates the need to pick out the feet.
    and apply daily medication.
  • Sets in less than 1 minute.
  • Allows for faster, thicker hoofwall and sole growth.
  • Provides same protection and support
    as original Equi-Pak.
180cc Cartridge – $32.00

SilPak – Silicone Packing Material

Automatically dispensed under a pad to cushion, seal and protect the equine foot.



Fast Setting Weight bearing in 2 minutes
Liquid Formula Totally fills and seals all void areas
Auto Mixing No waste, consistent set times
Fast Final Cure Ensures complete coverage of sole
Material Retains Shape Prevents moisture and debris migration
Packed in Vettec Cartridge Use existing mixing gun and tips
Smaller than Other
Silicones' Mixing Tip
Less waste of material and money

180cc Cartridge – $16.00

Adhere – Glue-on-Shoe Hoof Repair

Adhere is a fast-setting urethane adhesive designed to bond aluminum or steel shoes to the hoof an to fabricate hoof wall repairs.
  • Glue on steel, aluminum and most plastic shoes as well as any hoof repair project.
  • Initial set time of one minute and final cure time of six minutes
  • Perfect for most every application.
  • Sets hard with a superior bond, but maintains the flexibility necessary at the quarters and heels to allow the natural movement of the hoof.

180cc Cartridge – $33.00

Choose color

Super Fast – 30-second All-in-one Hoof Adhesive

The future of hoofcare! Now you can create a custom shoe in minutes.

You won't believe all the things you can do with this new, 30-second set, all-in-one hoof adhesive.
  • Making foal extensions is easy.
  • For the first time ever – Hoofcare Professionals can create a custom shoe in minutes.
  • Foal extensions attached in seconds. or custom made in minutes
  • Hoof repairs completed in minutes.

180cc Cartridge – $32.00

Dispensing Gun (Large) – for 180cc cartridges


Mixing Tips (Large) – for 180cc Cartridges

Single Tip – $1.00 Package of 12 – $11.00


Support Mesh for packaging material. Black. 6"x8"


Foam Board – Adhesive foam form
  • Easy to apply.
  • Seals and supports Equi-Build until set.
  • Recesses material from ground level for traction.
  • Evenly distributes material over solar surface. No material ends up as a "high" point to create sole pressure.
  • Reduces the time holding the hoof up.
  • Easy to remove
Single Board – $1.00 Package of 50 – $27.50