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The weight distribution and balance of the equine foot was subject of the wild horse study conducted by Gene Ovnicek in 1986 and 1987. Taking advantage of the knowledge on weight distribution gained in this study, a special horseshoe was developed which takes the ground contact points of the hoof into consideration.

The EquiFlex Natural Balance Shoes, working together with the hoof preparation guidelines by Gene Ovincek, allow the hoof to flex naturally despite shoeing.

Below you can see the design of our Natural Balance Shoe. If you click on the individual picture you will see a diagram showing the different widths which can be achieved by using the bridge system. At the moment sizes ranging from 4" to 6", measured at the widest part of the hoof, can be covered.

Curious to find out more about the ideas and findings of Gene Ovnicek? Then have a look at

All prices for horseshoes are per pair.

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